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Easter Basket Idea for Teens from Walmart

If you're looking for an easy and affordable Easter basket idea that will please your teenage children or college-aged kids, look no further than this Easter basket I filled with gift cards, candy, and money from Walmart. It's the perfect way to show them how much you care, without spending a fortune. Plus, they'll be able to use this easter basket idea well after the holiday is over.
Keyword: easter basket idea


  • cooler or lunch bag either one would be work
  • packing paper or kraft paper
  • crinkles or Easter grass
  • large items and small items
  • tissue paper
  • Cricut monogram optional


  • Start with an igloo cooler. You can find these at most stores or online HERE.
  • Add packing paper. Crumple up individual sheets of packing paper or kraft paper from the Dollar Tree to create a base inside your "Easter basket" cooler.
  • Add a top layer of paper folded in half to create a 'shelf-like' barrier upon which to start your Easter basket filler.
  • Grab your favorite Easter basket filler. I used brown crinkle paper for a more neutral base, but you can find it in all sorts of bright and festive Easter colors just about everywhere.
  • Add as much as you like. I added a bag and a half to each cooler.
  • Next, fill the Easter basket with the largest items. (See my list of Easter basket ideas below)
  • Fill in with smaller gift items and lastly add gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants.
  • As an added bonus, I like to fill a few plastic eggs like these with money as a surprise for them to find in the Easter basket.
  • Finally, fill in the gaps and any holes in your Easter basket with some tissue paper.