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Chunky Hand-Knit Blanket

Learn how to make a gorgeous chunky knit blanket using loop-it yarn. No knitting needles required!
Cuisine: chunky knit blanket, diy, hand knit, loop it yarn


  • Fabric Scissors


  • Loop-it Yarn
  • Bobby Pin


  • Start by counting out your row of loops.
  • Once you have your row lined up, use a bobby pin to mark the end of the loop yarn row.
  • Use your fabric scissors to snip the loop to create an end piece for tying.
  • Tie off the loop yarn where the two ends meet. 
  • Pull the loop through to complete a hand-knit stitch.
  • Repeat this same process of cutting each end and looping the yarn.
  • Tuck the upper loop through the lower loop.
  • Trim the end pieces on the back of your chunky blanket.