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outdoor patio lighting & privacy diy curtains drawn
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DIY Outdoor Patio Lighting & Curtains

Add solar lighting and durable curtains to your outdoor patio. Additional string light pole ideas to make your patio amazing.


  • 4x4 cedar posts
  • 8 foot aluminum poles
  • stainless steel metal flanges
  • concrete
  • wooden stakes
  • plastic whiskey barrels
  • pea gravel
  • Faux Boxwood Wreaths 
  • Solar Lights


  • First screw on the solar light caps onto your cedar posts and twist on your solar lights as shown.
  • Next, build wooden braces for your poles or alternatively you can use l-brackets to screw them to the bottom of the barrel.
  • Mix up your concrete per the instructions on the bag and pour around the poles into the barrels. Allow to cure the recommended time. 
  • While waiting on your concrete to set, you can add drainage holes to the four sides of the barrel if desired. 
  • Once concrete is dry, add a half bag of small pea gravel rock for additional drainage.
  • At this point, it's up to you.  I opted for adding faux boxwood wreaths to my barrel, but you can easily add potting soil and beautiful seasonal flowers to yours. In oder to get the wreaths to go around the poles easily, cut them with snippers as shown. 
  • Finally, add your aluminum poles by screwing them in place with the stainless steel flanges. Be sure to do this step in the following order: screw in  both flanges, attach one end of pole, add curtains, attach other end of pole. Optionally, you can tie back the curtains with decorative rope or more practical bungee cords.