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Easy DIY Candle Transfer

Learn how to dress up any candle with this simple DIY candle transfer!


  • scissors
  • heating element such as iron, curling iron, heat gun, or blow dryer


  • 1 plain wax candle or battery-operated candle
  • paper napkins of your choice
  • 1 glass jar
  • accessories ribbon, twine, coffee beans, etc.


  • Unfold the napkin fully, and decide which part of the design you would like to transfer to your candle. Double check that if fits around your candle properly, then cut it out as close to the design edges as possible.
  • Peel apart the layers of the napkin - most are 2 ply.
  • Place the napkin cutting on your candle, right side up. Make sure the placement is correct.
  • Turn your heating element to the lowest setting possible and go across the edges of the napkin very lightly. Work your way towards the center.
  • Light and enjoy!