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How to Make an Easy 5 Minute Bow for a Wreath

Making a ribbon bow for a wreath is easy and can be done in just 5 minutes! In this step-by-step tutorial, I'll show you how to make a bow with a basic single loop or double loop bow that will look great on any wreath. So let's get to bow making and have some fun with this simple bow project!
Total Time5 mins
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  • Melanie's DIY Bow Maker
  • scissors


  • 1 wired ribbon
  • 1 zip tie


  • Start by placing a zip tie or floral wire or even a pipe cleaner between the two wood dowel rods of the bow maker.
  • Slide a single strip of wired ribbon between dowels on top of zip tie leaving out enough piece of ribbon to cut tails to the desired length of your bow. 
  • Start by creating the first loop which is a single loop for the bow by folding one end of the ribbon in half lengthwise through the wood dowels.
  • Next up, create the second loop with the ribbon on the opposite side with a twist on the bow maker.
  • Repeat this process back and forth with the remaining ribbon to create as many loops as you would like your ribbon bow to have.
  • Now that you have your loops created, place your index finger in the center again to hold it and bring the zip tie up to secure the bow.
  • Remove the bow from the bow maker and fold each tail piece of ribbon in half to trim with the bunny ear trick.
  • Take a small piece of ribbon and fold it in on the sides. Tie the ribbon piece in a single loop knot or double knot around the center of the bow to cover the wire or pipe cleaner used to secure the ribbon.
  • Be sure to fluff the loops and flatten out the tails on this simple bow and then get ready to show it off!