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Dollar Tree Whisk Spider with Messy Bow

Learn how to make the cutest Halloween spider using a dollar store kitchen whisk.
Keyword: dollar tree, dollar tree crafts, Halloween Decor, halloween spider


  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters


  • Zip Ties
  • Dollar Tree Kitchen Whisk
  • Black Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Halloween Fabric
  • Halloween Party Favors (eyes)


  • Start by making your messy bow.
  • Use scissors to place small cuts about 1″ inch apart across the length of your Halloween fabric.
  • You can simply rip the fabric at the start of each cut to create your strips.
  • Cut the strips in half again. 
  • Cut your ribbon in the same length as your fabric.
  • Simply lay all of the pieces in a criss-cross circular pattern until all the scraps are used. 
  • Attach the fun spider eyes into the center of the messy bow using a zip tie. 
  • Cut the top middle of each individual wire of the whisk with wire cutters. 
  • Bend the whisk wires back so they are spread out on each side of the whisk base. 
  • Hot glue your messy bow to the center of the whisk base.
  • Bend the legs to create the spider legs. Add a witch hat.