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Hanging Sliding Barn Doors

When you enter my home, there is an extra wide open doorway immediately to your right that leads to the living area. With all of the time we spend in the living room, hanging sliding barn doors with glass was the perfect solution for a bit of privacy! See what a difference they made...


  • Drill


  • 1 2x8 wood header piece
  • 1 double barn door hanging kit
  • 2 french doors
  • 2 barn door handles


  • Measure the doorway opening space to determine the size of doors needed.
  • Then measure either side of the opening space adding the measurements of each door.
  • Add Header for Hardware
  • Screw the barn door hardware to the header above the doorway opening.
  • Screw the included rollers to the glass french doors and hang them up on the hardware track.
  • Add the barn door handles