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Embroidery Hoop BOHO Wedding Wreath DIY

Make a beautiful embroidery hoop BOHO style wedding wreath with a personalized wood sign, with this easy tutorial.


  • scissors
  • Scorch Marker
  • hot glue gun


  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Yarn
  • Assorted Ribbons
  • Flowers
  • Greenery
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Floral Wire


  • Wrap the embroidery hoop with yarn.
  • Tie a knot at the start of wrapping and continue to wrap until you reach the hoop clasp. Cut and knot the yarn.
  • Start adding another strand of yarn on the other side of the hardware the same way. When you get to the very end, leave a longer strand of yarn to use to hang the wreath.  
  • Add a variety of lace ribbon, yarn, and pretty decorative ribbon to the bottom center of the hoop. Add a dab of hot glue to secure it. Cut it at the length you want.
  • Cut a piece of the burlap ribbon and hot glue it to the middle center of the hoop wreath. Finish off the edges with a dove tail cut.
  • Add the garland of greenery. Wrap it around the hoop wreath until you are happy with the placement. Use floral wire to secure it in a couple of places
  • Start by placing the letters and number stencil you want on the wood piece. Then just fill it in with the scorch marker.
  • Use a heat gun to reveal the wood burning effect.
  • Add a small white button to the end of the wood piece for a little embellishment. Hot glue the little wood sign to the middle of the burlap ribbon.
  • Hot glue pretty flowers around the greenery.