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Virginia Kerr
Episode 31: Virginia Kerr

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Videos on social media are bigger now than they’ve ever been. Everyone wants to know how to increase their views and how to capture a following. My guest, Virginia Kerr, is a very successful video marketing coach. With over a million viewers across multiple platforms, Virginia talks to us today about building trust and authority with your audience and being intentional with your videos on social media. She also gives some great tips on converting followers into customers and standing out from the crowd.

Virginia Kerr is the host of This is Virginia Kerr Podcast and runs the video coaching service This is Video School. Having spent her career on television and network marketing, she came to a point where she realized that even though she was successful, she wasn’t happy. Leaving that life behind, Virginia started on a path of sharing life lessons and self-discovery that led her to coaching others. She now spends her time helping aspiring video creators find their own individuality and self-love and translating that into social media success.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Building success by achieving small daily goals
  • Why having fun and experimentation can achieve great results with videos on social media
  • Figuring out the TikTok algorithm
  • Becoming a subject matter expert on your platform
  • The importance of providing value before trying to make a sale
  • How to stop obsessing over your follower counts
  • Why “Perfect” is boring



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