The Business of Taking Action

Do you struggle with excuses that keep you from the business of taking action on what it is you truly want for your life, your family, and your business? Never did I think I needed to work on this ~ but Mel Robbins makes this training so good!

This simple 5 second rule, if put into effect today, could be the solution you need to create a business beyond your wildest dreams.  A business that you can be proud of. A legacy to pass down to your children.

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what is the business of taking action?

Your behavior and your thoughts are always a choice. However, sometimes instead of taking the actions we know we need to take, our thoughts take control leading to unwanted behaviors or habits.

Success in business comes from keeping focused on our desired outcome and taking action before our thoughts a.k.a. excuses get the best of us.

Listen in as she shares this amazing 5 second rule like you’ve never heard it before…

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what does taking action in your business look like?

Do you have a routine of focused tasks that need to be accomplished on a daily basis in order to realize your desired outcome? 

What are the daily steps that must happen in order for you to see the progress you want?

For me, they are always changing; however, that is where knowing what you want really comes into play.  It’s ok to not know exactly how you will arrive at your destination.  Just know your destination.

the 5 second rule to taking action

The 5 second rule can be a real game changer in your life. We are defined by our daily habits good or bad. Utilize this new tool to trick your brain into taking the actions needed for your success. Then over time you will awaken at the destination you thought wasn’t possible for you.

Know the outcome you most desire and your brain will figure out the rest.  Never underestimate the power within you…

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