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Everyone knows that posting videos on social media can help boost your business by increasing your followers. What you might not know though is how much of an increase and over how long? For Sarah Brackenridge, the answer was 80,000 followers over a single year! Simply by posting 3 minute videos to Facebook every morning and going Live at random times on her page, she was able to create explosive growth for her business. Sarah joins me today to talk about her experience building connections and a community in the online space. She also shares some of the important lessons she has learned from running a brick and mortar store.

Sarah Brackenridge is the creator of Redeemed Decor, an online business dedicated to DIY crafting tutorials, sales, and much more! Although she started out as a full time school teacher, Sarah had a gift for crafting and furniture flipping. She decided to go all-in on the creative world after people started showing interest in her projects and demanding more. In business for over 7 years now, Redeemed Decor actually had 2 brick and mortar storefront locations before transitioning 100% online. Not just a savvy business woman, Sarah is also a wife, mother of three, and a homeschool teacher for her kids.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Sarah went from a teacher to an online destination
  • What you can learn from running a brick and mortar store
  • Online initiatives and services you can offer during Covid
  • How Sarah started her transition to the online space
  • Finding the balance between scheduling and spontaneity with your customers
  • How to monetize your crafting projects
  • Strategies to keep the attention of your online audience



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