Southern Crush Craftathon™ Presenter Best Practices

Congratulations and welcome to the ‘official crafting event of the season’ the Southern Crush Craftathon™!  I created this event with one thing in mind… to help others grow their audience by participating in a highly organized collaborative event with others in the DIY niche. 

welcome to the southern crush craftathon™

When the first Craftathon™ event was launched, I had no idea if it would work. Well, like they say, the rest is history.  We now have multiple well-known brand sponsors to suport this event and I’m super proud to say that event after event has yielded at minimum, hundreds of new followers for participating presenters! It has provided presenters with the opportunity to grow their audience exponentially in what is essentially a twenty minute segment of their time.  

How I Grew my blog to 52k sessions in 4 Weeks

best practices for an awesome craftathon™ experience

This quarterly event always runs rather smoothly (knock on wood); however, there are some best practices that have been learned along the way. If these are put into place it will definitely help you make the most of this awesome event for your business. 

Read carefully through these twelve quick tips and let me know you did so by replying to me over Facebook Messenger with “I’m Ready”. 

I’m so honored that you’re here and participating ~ now let’s make this the most amazing experience for your business ever!

Tip #1 Deadlines

Please respect all deadlines.  This event is voluntary y’all and deadlines are in place to help you and your business benefit at the highest level possible. The deadlines are in place to serve you. When only one or two presenters are not honoring the deadlines; all of the presenters are affected in some way. Some deadlines include: Application, Sposorship Level, Supply List, etc.

Tip #2 Wifi Connection

Test out your wifi connection prior to the event. It is best to do your LIVE video indoors in a place where you are super comfortable and are confident your wifi connection is strong. Please practice videoing with your wifi prior to the event to insure that you come in clear on your end.

Tip #3 Lighting

Be sure to prepare the lighting in your presentation space so that you are ready. The viewers really want to see your face and engage with you (it’s best to keep the video on your face during your presentation). If you do not yet own a professional lighting kit, do your best to set up in front of a window where the light is facing you and your project.  Light behind you will make you appear dark and unable to be seen.  It’s recommended that you practice videoing yourself in the space you will be presenting ahead of time to make sure the lighting looks good.

Tip #4 Background Noise

Make sure that your peeps know that you have committed to a short twenty minute segment where you will need a completely quiet space free from barking dogs, kiddos, or even fans blowing.  If in doubt, practice a video ahead of time and listen to it back to see if you hear anything “extra”. 

Tip #5 Video Distance

Keep your project within a short distance of the camera.  Frame your video so that you and your project can both be seen, but don’t be so far away from the camera that the viewers cannot see what you’re doing. Your video should have YOU in it, not just your hands as this is an event and the viewers want to ‘engage’ with a person that they can get to know a little better. This will help you gain more new followers, too! Practice if needed.  

Tip #6 Inroduce Yourself

Announce your name and the name of your business when you first hop on LIVE.  This will make it easy for them to follow you and get to know you better. 

Tip #7 Twenty Minutes

Yes–You can do it! It’s really longer than you think. Practice your presentation if you’re nervous about the time. If you already know that your project will take a while, then go ahead do a few steps ahead of time. 

Stick to a SINGLE project only.  Don’t try to cram several projects into your twenty minute segment.  This will keep you on track for time, be less confusing and most importantly, it will give them a reason to come and follow you to see more…

Please do your best not to talk about how you only have twenty minutes, this takes away from the presentation and makes the viewers stressed out for you instead of enjoying your project and getting to know you better.

Tip #8 Encourage Participation

Don’t forget to mention at some point in your video that you’d love for the viewers to be sure to watch all of the other presenters for this event.  This is a group effort and we want to make sure we are doing our best to encourage participation.

Tip #9 Finished Projects

It’s a best practice NOT to show your finished project at the beginning of your video.  This encourages drop off in viewers. They will decide right away whether or not they want to stick around to watch and then miss out on getting to know you and follow you.

Please send a finished project photo for the blog, my stories and even more marketing once the event is over. Style it in a cute way and send me a photo or two through Facebook messenger.  Feel free to watermark your images discretely so that we can still see the project. Thank you!

Tip #10 No Hard Selling

To keep in line with the spirit of this event; there will be NO hard selling. This event is specifically for the viewers to be exposed to you and get to know, like and trust you during your presentation enough to follow you. This simply means “sell yourself“; not products. You are more than welcome to add links to your description to products, groups (free & paid), and your blog; however, do not verbally spend your twenty minutes attempting to sell products, memberships or groups (even free groups).  You may mention your supplies and that the link is in the description; use your best judgement here.  Viewers will enjoy their time with you more and be happy to reach out to see what more you have to offer. 

Tip #11  Screenshot Stats

Be sure to take a quick screenshot of your number of followers 30 days before the event and again the morning of the event, then follow up and let me know how much growth you saw on your page.  I’m super excited to see how this event sky-rocket’s your business. The 30 days leading up to the event you will see growth because of all of the places the event blog page is shared online.  The day of the event you will obviously see growth.  The magic happens when you check back after the first 48 hours of the event and you see even more growth!

Tip #12 Have Fun

Keep it simple and don’t over-complicate things for yourself.  This is such a fun event!  Practice your presentation and you will be ready to relax and just have fun with your new followers!

Let me know if you have any questions at all by messaging me on Facebook or email me here:

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  1. Thank you for all the great tips. I read all 12. Looking forward to being a part of this fun event. Happy crafty DIYing everyone!

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    Read and agree to all! So excited to finally get to join you Melanie and all the other amazing presenters too!! Thank for choosing me to be a part of the Falk Craftathon! Completed ✅

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