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Happy Saturday my friend!

1. Thrifting twice in one week can only mean one thing…

In addition to the vintage Tupperware cups I found on Wednesday, I came home Friday with yet another piece of amber glass to add to my collection! Have you been thrifting lately? What did you find?

2. We’ve been all about the

around my house this week/weekend. Ever since I went to the Byron Nelson tournament a couple of weeks ago, it’s been fun keeping up with the players. Do you watch any golf?

3. In beauty news this…

is my latest obsession. Anything scented with rose reminds me of my grandmother and makes me feel so peaceful.

4. ICYMI, yesterday I sent an email with

for us online!

5. Come and see what else I found around the web…

This gorgeous dining room makeover.

These awesome DIY cake stands my friend made!

My friend Wendy’s amazing rustic outdoor planter ideas!

credit: wmdesignhouse

6. This week on the blog I shared these Patriotic Dessert Ideas.


7. That wraps it up for this week my friend! I hope you stay inspired to create and decorate a home you love!

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