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Happy Saturday my sweet friend! 

1. Oh the irony of it all! Growing up I hated and I mean hated shopping. My mother would drag me all around town to shop…

I swore I’d never shop again. Never say never my friend. Fast forward to today, and I love to shop! What even has happened? Well, my friend, I figured it out.

I’m now shopping for things I want! In fact, I dragged you with me this week. If you missed it, I went to…

And I went to Birds and Words in McKinney, TX on the square and saw so many

2. It’s coming along! My new guest bedroom that is… It just needs a few finishing touches and then

3. In crafty news… we made this

It turned out soooooo pretty, don’t you think? Comment below and let me know if you like it.

(Tap on any image to see the full post with more images and information.)

4. Anywho, I also share some of my personal favorite

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audible logo

I’m reading more books this year and audible is helping me! When I’m on the go and cannot sit down to read, audible is the perfect way to stay on track with my reading. Have you tried it?

5. I was able to go live a couple of times this week and that was fun! Were you there? Comment below and let me know. This was my YouTube LIVE video.

6. This was my Facebook LIVE video where we made the Doily Wreath together in case you missed it!

Melanie holding Doily Wreath

7. In yummy news… I shared this recipe for

Conversation Heart Cookies

I hope you’ll make some, they’re super easy and oh so cute to display for Valentine’s day!

8. How is your January coming along? So far, so good? I sure hope so. It’s been a bit hectic around here, but as the month is coming to a close, I’m feeling good about it.

So much fun is coming! Stay tuned for updates.

Thank you so much for being here my friend, stay warm and stay crafty!


  1. Christy Morrill says:

    The link for Aldi isn’t working. I loved the Doily wreath.

    1. hmmm. It’s working for me girlfriend! Try it again? or search videos on my fb page.

  2. You busy girl! you sure created some beautiful things this week and I love your shopping ideas.

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