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Enjoy seeing this week’s collection of ‘all the things’ we accomplished plus my secret crushes from other blogs! Feel free to share the most exciting crushes with your friends…

My Secret Home Decor Crushes

I am so drawn to beautiful porches, and this porch really caught my eye. That ceiling is just amazing! Not only is the decorating and color scheme so warm and inviting, but there’s also a really great DIY tutorial for an outdoor planter box to disguise a utility box.

All of the greenery really gives this porch life, but I think we can agree that the star of the show is the sweet little pup. If you are looking for more porch inspiration, take a look at my porch decor here.

Are you a collector? It doesn’t matter of what, it could be ironstone, jadeite, or any collectible item. One thing is certain, once you start collecting something, it is hard not to buy all the things when you see them at thrift stores or antique markets.

This blog post gives really great tips about only buying things you absolutely love AND have a place for. Collections are wonderful, and it’s a great feeling when you find a treasure, but clutter is not so great. Take a look at this article and let me know what you think.

How do you manage your collections? Do you limit yourself to only certain finds? The struggle is real! You can read about one of my favorite shopping trips to the Pioneer Woman Mercantile. So many home decorating ideas!

My Secret Crafty Crushes

If you’ve visited here before, you know I am a fan of decoupage crafts. It’s a simple technique, and there are so many things you can decoupage. I absolutely love these pretty decoupaged terracotta pots. They have a French Country feel to them and look like they have a natural age to them. If you are looking for another idea for clay pots, take a look at the Stamped Terracotta Pots I shared recently. It’s another easy way to update garden pots.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to share this pretty DIY picture frame with you. Can you believe those little flowers are crochet? That is such a creative idea, and makes such a thoughtful gift for mom, or grandma. You can use a thrift store frame to upcycle, or buy a new frame and make it look old.

Whatever style you like. Instead of adding a picture, add a sweet quote that you can easily print at home. You may also want to see the pretty farmhouse thrift store frame I made here, or the bows and bling photo frame decor shared here.

Foodie Crush of the Week

Get ready to be wowed by these homemade cookies. They are so pretty, and they use edible flowers. How fun is that? I can totally see these at a Mother’s Day Brunch, or wrapped up in a pretty box with tissue paper as a hostess gift.

It’s really cool to read about what flowers are edible too. Have you ever used edible flowers in a recipe? It’s on my ever growing to do list for sure! If you are looking for another easy cookie recipe, try my 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies.

Bonus Crushes this week!


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