Small Town Texas – Where are you from?

Small town Texas was my home town while growing up was like many others. Coppell, TX was just reaching approximately 3k in population when I moved there in 1978. Living in small town Texas USA was something I cherish as a childhood memory. It was small, fun and everyone knew everyone!   I’d love to get to know you,BTW— Life is short—Enjoy the mess! my reader more… 


Small town texas memories

What do you remember about the town you called home as a child?

I remember things such as attending a school where all grades met in the same building. 

Parades lined the street for holidays such as Fourth of July and Christmas.

The local duck pond was where you would go to meet a friend, feed the ducks or just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Over the years, my small home town has grown to almost 42k in population. It still holds a special place in my heart for memories and I visit it often. 

perks of a small town in texas

Small towns get a bad rap for being gossipy. Ours was no exception; however, the perk hidden within is that everyone knows everyone. 

You are never truly all alone and on some level; everyone tends to share the same single bond of living in a small town. 

In many ways, it reminds me of the wonderful crafting community we have online in my VIP group…

I loved living in a small town so much that as an adult, I took extra measures to find another small town in which to raise my children.

Now that they are grown and moving off, I’m considering moving to yet another small town as the attraction for the simple life full of tradition and character never seems to go away.

small towns i love

One of my very favorite things to do is to visit small towns to check out their shopping and of course restaurants! I tend to make a full day or two of my time in each spot taking it all in, photographing the highlights and bringing back a few goodies! Have you been to any of these destinations?

where are you from?

I’d love to find out! Let me know in the comments below and be sure to sign up for my emails so that we may stay in touch! Afterall, that’s what friends do…


BTW— Life is short—Enjoy the mess!

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  1. Tae Ehret says:

    I too grew up in a small town in Montana. After graduating highschool my husband and I moved 1200 miles south to Arkansas. We lived there almost 20 years and it grew ever so quickly. We decided to go back to small town living in 2007 and moved back to Montana. The church we attended in Arkansas had a larger congregation than we had residents in our new small town. Due to life circumstances I found myself single 2 years ago and moved to Kerrville, Texas. This is home for me now and I am content in my new surroundings, but I will always miss where I grew up as a kid.

  2. Rosa Hardy says:

    I am Rosa Hardy from Louisville Ky

  3. Melanie Welch says:

    I have moved around quite a bit during my lifetime, but had a chance to experience small town Texas as well! We moved from my birthplace, Cincinnati, Ohio, when I was 3 years old and headed to Houston, Texas. Houston would be my hometown from then until 8th grade, when we moved to Katy, Texas. From there, we lived in the small town of Van Alstyne, Texas briefly, before moving yet again to Georgetown, Texas where I would attend my junior and senior years of high school, before moving back to Houston the month after graduation! I would immediately meet my future husband, and we have moved 19 times in our 29 years together! We’ve lived in Killeen, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Hixson, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Ohio, Independence, Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky, Sugar Land, Texas, and then moved back to Independence, Kentucky, where we have resided for the past 11 years! We love it here and don’t care to ever move again!!! 😂❤️

  4. Lydia Rey says:

    I’m from Macon, Georgia, moved to Washington State area for 3 years and now in Florida.

  5. Terrena Copeland says:

    Strasburg Virginia

  6. Danae Sasser says:

    I live in the very small town of Lone Oak , Tx. We are north east of Dallas, on highway 69 between Greenville and Tyler. I have worked for Loisd For 23 years. My children were 5th generation grads from LOISD. I am a craft lover, scrapbooks, you name it , I love it. I am not good on a sewing machine but that is on my list. I have 2 wonderful, happily married boys. My oldest has twin girls 11, a boy 4. My youngest son has a boy, 4 also and one on the way. I have chickens and also love to garden. I love thrifting, garage sales, junking, my house is my sanctuary. I am single so it is all mine, lol. I love watching your lives, replays. Love to you and yours. Happy New Year!

  7. Shirlann Wiedenman says:

    Bear, Delaware

  8. Debbie Schwenk says:

    I’m from Brookhaven, PA, just outside of Philadelphia

  9. Jenny GAMMELLO-HARBAUGH says:

    Oil City, Pennsylvania!! Situated between Erie, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s beautiful with a rich history.
    Oil City used to be a oil manufacturing town…now it’s more of a ghost town. I now live in another small town Lake City, Pennsylvania, not far from my hometown.

  10. Sheri Richardson
    Brownsburg Indiana

  11. I’m from a small town in Maine that is actually a small City. The City is known for building Navy Ships, the oldest and one of the most active Alumni Associations in the country, a city park where the local community band plays all summer 1 or 2 times a week, as well as a thriving down town of small shops and restraunts. It’s a place that I will always call home, even if I don’t currently live there.

  12. Toni Gainey says:

    From Hartsville, South Carolina

  13. Joyce fuller says:

    I’m from a small Texas town itasca. Everybody knew everybody. Since leaving my hometown it has grown so much. I loved being safe to walk to my friends homes and hanging out downtown while friends. We all went to school k-12 in one building. I now live alone in another small Texas town Dawson

  14. Priscilla Silvers says:

    Ontario Oregon 🌲❤❄

  15. Lori thompson says:

    Germantown, Maryland

  16. Samantha Ritter says:

    Duvall, Washington

  17. Treva Clifton says:

    I’m from Vernon, Texas, but have lived in Wichita Falls for over 30 years!!

  18. Omie Cazzell says:

    I grew up in a small town, Lynchburg TN. I lived in the country but would go to our little town and walk around the little square and watch the older men widdle wood pieces. They would give us a dime which bought an ice cream cone. We would also get a coke for a dime at the General store, go down to the creek under the bridge and drink our coke and put our feet in the creek. That town has changed so much with lots of tourist and is always busy. I don’t live there now. I lived in Manchester TN for 13 years, Tullahoma TN for 13 years, Cleveland TN for 3 years and I now live in Chapel Hill TN which is about 38 miles from Nashville TN.

    1. Sounds like nice town

  19. Grew up in Lancaster, TX a small town back then that we didn’t appreciate enough (now in Arlington, TX)

  20. I live in the small town of Savannah Tennessee and I work at the public library. We have a population of 7,000 in the city and 26,000 in the county. We are located on the Tennessee River and enjoy the small town atmosphere. I was born and raised here.

  21. Small town Rupert Idaho

  22. Susan Robertson says:

    Grew up in a small town Dalhart, Texas. It is in the top west corner of the panhandle of Texas. Now living in harker Heights which is in Central Texas

  23. City girl here with a small town dream!
    Washington DC
    We moved a lot and that continued into my adult life due to my job. Retired recently and looking for my summertime home in a small town.

  24. Diane Pickering says:

    I’ve lived in a small town for the last 35 yrs, first in a town called Chapman, Kansas and now in a rural area between the towns of Chapman and Abilene, Kansas. I love every minute of it. We enjoy our piece of paradise as we call it.

  25. Loranette Baker says:

    I grew up in a small town in the Southern area of the San Joaquin Valley, Visalia, California. Our town was about an hour away from Fresno to the North and an hour away from Bakersfield to the South. It was and still is a huge farming community all around the Central Valley. It was once called the bread basket of the United States.
    We grew up with God first, and faithfully attended church. My parents worked hard and we were thankful for what we had and the blessings that the Lord provided daily. Good health, the love and support of family and friends, and the means to make a living. The kids in our neighborhood enjoyed wonderful times of play and companionship. We started out our school days in a country school that had 2 classrooms. First and second grade in one room together and third and fourth grade in the other room. After that, we joined another larger school for the fifth and sixth grades. I literally attended school with some kids from kindergarten through high school. It was a wonderful time in life. We knew most of the families in town and the police kept us in check by talking to our dads at the local barbershop. Mostly, it concerned cruising the popular strip and keeping the curfew.
    I attended a small college in OKC, Ok where I met my husband. We married and he joined the Air Force during the Viet Nam War. I enjoyed creating to keep busy and make baby quilts and Afghans, etc. Our budget was tight, so I sewed my own curtains, table runners, placements, etc, and made them for gifts. I always thought, hmmm… I wonder if I can make that? Then, I’d gather the materials and give it a try.
    We moved quite a lot with his Military career. I enjoyed each new place. We made some wonderful friends and learned so much along the way. Our kids grew up as AF brats, lol. They both ended up living in Central TX and we moved in 2008 to Killeen, Tx. Our daughter’s husband was sent to Iraq for a second time and the granddaughters were taking it a bit harder. We were there for support. We ended up liking Texas and lived there for several years before moving to my husband’s hone town of Enid, Ok. It’s a small town in North Central Oklahoma. He recently retired and we moved back to Central Texas, Belton, to be near our children. This is our final move. At least, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it! Lol!
    I worked in the healthcare field for 40+ years and since retiring, I have enjoyed crafting again. I am learning new things and enjoy your creativity. Looking forward to watching you more.

  26. Lisa Williams says:

    I’m from Collierville,TN. Collierville is about 30 minute from Memphis.

  27. Jennifer Lee says:

    I was born I. Fremont michigan but grew up in muskegon michigan. Both are kind of small but I want to move to warmer state smaller town

  28. I too live in a small town with a population of around 800, actually I live on the property that my great grandparents homesteaded in 1911. My mom lives across the road in the house they finished in 1913 . I was born 17 miles from where I now live. I have 6 grown children, 22 grandblessings and 1 great grandblessing. My husband and I have been happily married for over 26 years. Our little town is a tourist town with the Spring River and all the antique stores lining main street being the attractions here

  29. Schmidt Nancy says:

    I lived small town of 600.. Went to school with 5 small towns. I was in large class, of 165. In Ohio. 45 miles from Toledo Ohio and 35 miles from Fort Wayne Indiana and 15 miles Michigan.

  30. Christy Morris-Colley says:

    I’m from both Smithfield, KY and Harlan, KY. We moved back and forth between the two.

  31. Karen Skaggs says:

    I’m from Buffalo KY. It’s a very small town. One stop sign, one church, and one little store. But I don’t even live there. I live on out in the country on the edge of my Daddy’s farm. The closest Walmart is 25 miles. But I love the country life.

  32. Tonya Pearson says:

    I am from Fairmount,Indiana. My whole family lives there currently. The hometown of James Dean. My parents were divorced when I was young so my Mom, Stepdad and myself ended up in Terre Haute after his job transfer. I have resided here the last 41 years.

  33. Patti Wafford says:

    Mount Vernon, Tx here

  34. Rebecca DRAY says:

    In from Village called Densole . Folkestone
    Kent in the UK over looking cliffs to France which on a clear day you can see cars driving along the coast road as only 23 miles away. Grew up on a small dairy farm further up in Kent and had an amazing childhood .

  35. I grew up in Kissimmee, Florida. Born and raised until I was 11. I have moved a few times since then but planted my feet for good in Humble, TX in 1995. I met and married the love of my life in 1996 and now we have been married for 25 years this year and have a son, daughter and two beautiful granddaughters.

  36. Debbie Booth says:

    My name is Debbie Booth I am from stockbridge, mi. I enjoy watching your videos. You are a inspiration to those of us wanting to learn new crafts. Before finding your videos I use to just crochet all the time. However, I have issues with my hands so it makes it difficult for me to do any crocheting unless it is small things.

  37. Sue Stauffer says:

    Catawissa Pa. very small town

  38. Annette Rhode says:

    I grew up in a tiny town in WI called East troy. In fact I still live here and have raised my children here with my husband of 18 years. We met when I was still in High School and he was in college. We took over his family towing and repair business in 1997 (the year I graduated High School) that had been in his family since 1972. Our Children 17 and 21 (did things a little backwards) are now helping us run it. My real passion is DIY décor and wreath making and having my daughter involved in our business has provided me more of an opportunity to follow that passion. Thank you for engaging and making everyone feel welcome!!

  39. Theresa Weaver says:

    I grew up in a very small town in Oregon. Currently in a small town near sw Washington for last 30 years. I have a She Shed that is currently in turmoil until I can get out there & organize. I used to sell Stampin Up stamps & have ALOT of stamps I rarely use. I used to sell Tupperware & have a lot of bowls that were ordered & customers couldn’t pay or changed their minds. Hoping for me to sell cheaper than book price. I’m just need to sell the excess stuff in my craft room & get down to business.

  40. I’m from Jackson, Michigan home of the”world famous”cascades. I grew up here then moved away after college only to return 10 years later even though I had said I’d never return. Best decision I ever made. It allowed me to raise my kids near grandparents and aunts and uncles. Recently retired, I have been madly pursuing art in many forms and living every minute of it!

  41. I was raised in Big Lake Tx and Monaghan’s Tx

  42. Tracey Grahmann says:

    I’m from San Antonio Texas born and raised here it’s a big town don’t know anything about small towns but in the little communities I guess that would be considered a little town in San Antonio love to watch your crafts I’m really not a Crafter but I love to watch things being made wishing I could do some of the things y’all do I try a few things but they never come out so I just watch all of the Crafters post their crafts and they are so beautiful maybe one day

  43. I grew up in a small logging town in Idaho called Orofino. We ran the streets as kids playing hide and seek and many more cherrished mmories.
    I loved my childhood. I shared my mo. With my brother and sister. I was 5 years younger than them.
    Our mom had to be a single parent during a period that divorce was still frowned on. But she did it and now has a doctorit in education.
    I get my talent side from her and my grandmothers.
    Crafting has brought me from a dark place. I now feel at peace most days and look forward to new days😁

  44. DorieLou Strobel says:

    I am originally from Wa state and now I live in Arizona

  45. Jennifer Tooker says:

    I am from a very small town Nevis MN. Town of about 400 people and I love it! Everyone is so nice and look out for each other. Everyone waves and if they see u need some help with something they are there to help in an instant!!

  46. I grew up in a very small town in Kansas,ople Kansas them moved to emporia Kansas and now I live in Wichita ks. Only for 4 years

  47. Robin Walls says:

    Well where I live isn’t really small but it’s really not all that big!! But I m from Bridgeville Delaware jus out side of town & i love it

  48. Donna Woods-Fielding says:

    I was born and raised is a company town of Phillips, Texas. My dad worked for the  Phillips Petroleum Company before WW II and returned after the war. In 1949 when I was born it had a population of around 4300. Everyone living there worked for the refinery. Most people lived in houses owned by Phillips. Those that owned their homes did not own the land their house sat on. My brother (b;1947) and I were born at the Phillips-Pantex Hospital. People that worked for the company just called it the Phillips Free Clinic. The town provided a great school district and all kinds of activities in the summer time. At one of the two churches Methodist and Baptist is where one might find most of the town on Sunday and Wednesdays. Could spend the day and learn to swim at the public pool for 10 cents. Walking or ride our bikes home and buy a small bag of penny candy for nickel. My dad retired in 1962 and moved the family to Shawnee, Oklahoma that was my mothers home town. My dad was Okmulgee County Oklahoma and had met and married my mother in Shawnee in 1940. The town was dismantled in 1987 after a 1980 explosion at the plant obliterated part of the plant and many homes. It caused several million dollars in damage. The thing it didn’t destroy were all the great childhood memories created growing up is a safe small town where everyone knew everyone else and not just their next door neighbor. A town where all kids were free range because everyone knew and watched over you like their own. A town where you slept with windows and doors open. Where you didn’t lock your doors when you were gone or at home. Small town at its best.

  49. I grew up in a large town Albuquerque, NM but after marriage I moved to a smaller town Artesia, NM. To me Albuquerque was small at that time. My brothers and I could walk down to the local TG&Y store with our dime and practically buy the candy out. It was nice that we were able to walk anywhere and not worry. I don’t think my mom ever worried about us. Then we moved into a 36 home culdesac and that was our town. The way you drive in was the only way out. 36 homes filled with kids and so much fun in the hay fields or ditch. The people back then were exceptionally nice and every Christmas we would fill sack with sand and candles and then light them on Christmas Eve. Upon having my own kids is when we went to Artesia, NM and it was nice. The 22 years I lived there and raised 2 children was calm and peaceful. Could walk anywhere as was good since we only had one car so kids and stroller walked…….I miss all that in both towns as nowadays you have to be so careful whether walking or driving. I would like the old days back again

  50. Marla Herrington says:

    I live just out side of a very small North Arkansas town with a population of less than 800 My grandparents homesteaded on this property in 1911. My husband and I started building our home here on the homestead 12 years ago building as we could afford to , about to get it done maybe this year. Love to craft and make things for my house and family

  51. I’m from a very small town in north east Texas, Ore City lived here most all of my 62 years. Not much to our little town, we have one red light and a few small independent stores mostly family operated.

  52. I was born in Pennington Gap, Tn
    I now live in Ohio

  53. Carol Martin says:

    Hi Melanie, My name is Carol Martin and I’m from Dayton Ohio nice to meet you 😊

  54. Edi Newchurch says:

    I’m from northeast New Jersey and lived there until 2010. Now I live in eastern central New Jersey 10 miles from the ocean. I love it because I can get to the ocean in 15 minutes and still not have to worry about coastal flooding. I love the coastal feel and am trying to decorate towards that theme. Another thing about living in New Jersey is you can be in the mountains, in the farm area, in the Pinelands or at the beach within an 1/2 to an hour from your home. New York City is a short drive and so is Atlantic City. Having the four seasons is another thing I love about living in New Jersey though as I get older I don’t like the real cold or snow that needs to be shoveled. It is nice to watch fall and turn the grass and trees white as long as it melts in a few hours. I also love to go to the beach to watch the sun rise as I meditate and talk to God in the warm months.

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