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katie fisher
Episode 28: Katie Fisher

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Being the owner of a Creative business is Amazing! You get to share your passion with the world and have fun doing it. Part of being a business owner though is running the business and that means numbers, taxes, and organization. My guest today is both a Creative and a finance expert. Katie Fisher is here to talk about setting up systems to manage your finances and setting aside money for taxes and rainy days. She is also going to give us some great tips on how to start tracking your numbers, setting sales goals, and how to figure out your business’ overhead costs and profit.

In 2017, Katie Fisher closed her tax firm to focus on her creative business selling Cabbage Patch hats. Selling only 1 product on Etsy during her busy season, she has been able to support her entire business for the rest of the year. Seeing her incredible success and learning about her business acumen, other Creatives soon started seeking out Katie for advice. Katie now runs Her company both manages finances for small businesses and teaches owners and entrepreneurs how to handle their own books.

In this episode we cover:

  • What systems you should put in place to manage your finances
  • The importance of separating business and personal expenses
  • How to tackle financial tasks when they seem overwhelming
  • Figuring out your business’ overhead expenses and profits
  • Setting sales goals by figuring out your expenditures
  • How much you should save for emergencies and slow seasons
  • Deciding how much to pay Yourself
  • When you should consider outsourcing your financial management

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