How to Use Pinterest and Recipes to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Jennifer Dempsey

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Today I got to chat with Jenn Dempsey from the blog Mother Thyme. Jenn shared tons of amazing advice and tips and I think even the most seasoned bloggers will learn something from her! Jenn started blogging in 2011 and blogged exclusively about food. After experiencing blogger burnout a few years later, she completely pivoted and made the switch to lifestyle blogging. You’ll want to listen to hear more about how Jenn made this transition without losing her existing followers and how her old recipe posts are still driving a ton of traffic to her site! Jenn is a big Pinterest lover, and if you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest wagon yet, you’ll definitely want to after hearing Jenn talk about it. Lastly, Jenn jumped into the nitty-gritty of blogger burnout and shared some excellent tips for anyone facing similar challenges.

How to Use Pinterest and Recipes to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Jenn is a formal travel agent turned busy mama and the voice behind the little food blog called Mother Thyme. Jenn loves spending her free time in the kitchen cooking or working on decorating and crafting projects. When her twins are tucked in bed for the evening she loves crafting, quilting, and cooking. Jenn has been sharing her recipes on Mother Thyme since 2011. Her desire is to add her little footprint in the world of food blogging and share her love and passion for food with others. She wants to look back someday and show her kids what their mom did.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How and why Jenn made the switch from food blogging to lifestyle blogging
  • Keeping your blog organized for your readers
  • Why you should definitely include some recipes on your blog – no matter your niche
  • Using Pinterest to drive traffic and earn income
  • The importance of good photos
  • Choosing a blog name if you’re new
  • Benefits of blogs over social media
  • Recovering from blogger burnout

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