How to Turn One Audience into Two Businesses with Tracey Bellion

Tracey Bellion
Episode 63: Tracey Bellion

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Today I talked with Tracey Bellion, who has been in the blogging business for over ten years. Tracey used to work as an RN and had no plans to start a business, but the story of how she did start is just wild! Her daughter-in-law literally started her business for her without even telling her! From there, things took off and after going through a health crisis in 2017, Tracey also started sharing about her own health journey and healthy living with her social media audience, resulting in two distinct groups of readers on her blog.

How to Turn One Audience into Two Businesses 

Tracey Billion is a full-time artist, creative biz coach, health and wellness encourager…..and cheerleader of “all things woman” to and for ALL women! Her art is bold, color-filled, and loaded with heart. She loves creating and having the opportunity to share with others online daily. Tracey was so much fun to chat with and shared in-depth about her own blogging journey, what she looks for in hiring team members, and how she caters to two distinct readerships online. It was so much fun to hear Tracey share her multi-passionate knack for helping others and how she has found so many ways to do that through her business. I hope you’ll feel inspired by Tracey’s story and keep creating!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Tracey ended up starting not just one business, but two.
  • Sharing your story with your followers
  • The most important thing to look for when hiring a team member
  • Hiring specialists instead of generalists
  • The importance of networking

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