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natalie mounter
Episode 39: Natalie Mounter

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We’ve heard it time and again: consistency, showing up, and providing value to your followers are the way to grow your business! Today we’re hearing from the amazing Natalie Mounter about how she used those three things to expand her company: Totally Dazzled. Natalie talks to me about how she started her business and the strategies she used to create her online following. She has some great information about affiliates and how to get them, and shares her opinion on the strengths of different social media platforms.

Natalie Mounter started out as a Wedding Invitation Designer, but when she was pregnant with her first child, decided to start her own business. Totally Dazzled is an ecommerce craft supply company that specializes in sparkly craft supplies for DIY weddings and crafters. Natalie started growing her company with a presence on YouTube and has expanded to several other platforms. She now has a 6 figure following and those numbers continue to rise. Natalie must be doing something right because her followers are totally dazzled by her!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How content creation and demo’s can help sales
  • Carving out a space for your business on social media
  • Why YouTube is Natalie’s favorite platform
  • What Facebook has to offer a business
  • How affiliate marketing works
  • The benefits of using affiliates for your business
  • Why you should attend events if you’re a product-based business
  • The effect of Covid on the wedding industry and Totally Dazzled’s pivot
  • Why it’s important to have something for yourself



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