How to Overcome Blogging Tech Challenges with Lora Bloomquist

Lora Bloomquist

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Today I had the privilege of talking with Lora Bloomquist, a vintage enthusiast, and successful blogger. Lora has been blogging for over ten years, and originally started blogging in conjunction with the opening of a vintage store as a way to keep customers in the loop. In 2016, she realized she could actually make money from blogging and jumped in with both feet.

Overcoming Blogging Tech Challenges

Lora told me that even email stressed her out initially, but she’s come a long way in navigating the online world and is proof that anyone with the determination to work hard and stick with it can make it big in the blogging world.

Lora Bloomquist has been hunting down junky, vintage treasures for most of her life. She spent many years refreshing and repurposing them at her own vintage-inspired store and loves coming up with new ideas for old things. She also enjoys guiding others to make the most of their surroundings and fall in love with their homes again.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Lora’s start and experience in blogging
  • Deciding where to host your blog
  • SEO and the staying power of blogging
  • Advice for bloggers starting out

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:

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    1. southerncrush says:

      Awe, you’re so welcome Lora– thank you for being my guest!

  1. Hi Melanie! Found you through your podcast with Lora Bloomquist. She is one of my favorite creatives! Her laid back, next door friend, go to person when projects go awry style is perfect for me. I learned so much about the actual Hard work it takes to build and maintain a successful blog. (I know what an SEO is now). Looking forward to more of your podcasts!

    1. southerncrush says:

      Yay! I’m so glad you found me! Lora is amazing and super creative–I just love her, too!

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