How to Gain New Opportunities by Following Your Passions with Nancy Westfall

Nancy Westfall

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My guest today told me that “we need more ‘happy’ in the world” and she definitely achieves that with her online business! Meet Nancy Westfall, who went from teaching elementary school to teaching people how to make cookies at The Colorful Cookie Club. After taking a break from teaching to be home with her kids, Nancy decided she wanted to do something fun and taught herself to decorate sugar cookies. Eventually, people started asking her all kinds of questions about cookie decorating and a friend told her she needed to start her own business, so she did! Nancy was a joy to chat with (what else would you expect from someone who decorates cookies for a living?) and her determination to learn new skills is so inspiring! Nancy has taught thousands of people how to decorate cookies and her story is a great example of how following your passions can lead to amazing opportunities.

Nancy is also the creative mind behind The Colorful Cookie Facebook page, the Cookie-A-Thon Facebook group, and the much loved virtual Cookie-A-Thon event. Putting her knowledge of technology to the test and pushing her creativity to new heights to learn to design and create her own cookie stencils and cookie cutters is how the club began. Sharing that knowledge with other cookiers is her passion! She is devoted to making sure her club members are encouraged, supported, and are continuously learning new design techniques because designing cookie stencils and 3D cookie cutters allows you to customize your cookies and grow your business or have more fun with your hobby!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Nancy got her start in cookie decorating as a business
  • Moving forward and letting go of perfectionism
  • Getting help when things get hard
  • Gaining new opportunities by putting yourself out there
  • The importance of setting boundaries and recognizing your own limits

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