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Today we’re going to be talking about how to become facebook famous using the power of LIVE videos on social media. I grew my Facebook following to almost 200,000 people just by utilizing live videos and being consistent with them. How exactly did I do this? With my “Facebook Famous Formula”! This formula consists of the 5 “Cs” (capture, connect, content, call to action, and consistency) I consider when planning and recording live videos. In this episode, I touch on each one of these categories and share why each one is important as well as some of the tips I’ve learned to really use live videos to their full potential.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Capturing the attention of your live audience and stopping the scroll
  • Connecting with your audience using head, humor, heart, and happy!
  • Planning videos that are long enough to please the Facebook algorithms
  • When to use vertical vs. horizontal video orientations
  • Ways to boost engagement on your videos
  • Tips for retaining viewers as long as possible
  • Using Calls to Action to really grow your following and platform
  • How often you should be going live
  • Going beyond the live video – what you should be doing afterward to build engagement and gain new followers

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