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If you haven’t yet entered the world of email marketing, then today’s episode is for you. Email marketing is both relevant and beneficial and doesn’t need to be complicated! My guest today, Matt Molen, is a self-proclaimed email lover. In this episode, Matt tells us why email is such an effective way to grow your business and shares some valuable tips on how to serve your audience, grow your list, and work smarter by utilizing content you’ve already created. Email is not going away anytime soon, and I loved hearing some of Matt’s best tips for taking advantage of email.

With his course, Email on Autopilot, Matt has taught hundreds of small business owners and content creators how to completely transform their businesses and grow their revenue through email marketing. Matt loves helping people make sense of email and believes that everyone can benefit from using email marketing.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The secret to growing an email list
  • How to create your own quick start guide by utilizing content you already have
  • Where and how to share your quick start guide
  • The formula for writing a subject line that your audience will want to click

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